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1.Pallet Lot Assorted Utensils 1 lot
2.Pallet Lot Assorted Storage Containers/Plastic Lids Bowls Serving Trays 1 lot
3.True Plastic Hotel Pans With Lids Set of 6, 6 times bid
4.Assorted Plastic Hotel Pans Set of 5, 5 times bid
5.Assorted Wicker Baskets/Trays 1 lot
6.SS Collander 16"x6"
7.SS Pot With Lid 12"x7"
8.Assorted Metal Mixing Bowls Set of 2, 1 lot
9.Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Set of 2, 1 lot
10.Assorted Televisions 1 lot
11.Television Reception Antenna
12.Security Cameras With Wall Mount Cases Set of 2, 1 lot
13.Assorted Cables/Wires USB Cords HDMI Cords Coaxial Cable 1 lot
14.NCR Radiant Systems Touchscreen Monitors Model p-1520-0018 Set of 5, 1 lot
15.Assorted Glassware DishRacks Set of 6, 1 lot
16.Server Buss Tubs 3 tubs/2 lids, 1 lot
17.4 Slot Silverware Tray
18.Gojo Handsoap Dispensers Set of 4, 1 lot
19.Complete Paper Towel Dispensers Set of 2, 2 times bid
20.Chip/Bag Clips Hangers Set of 8, 1 lot
21.Pallet Lot Assorted Plates, Candy Dish, Glass Bowls All For One. 1 lot
22.Assorted Plastic Restaurant/Buffet Cups Approx. 100 1 Lot
23.Glass Restaurant Cups Approx.30 1 lot
24.Blue Embossed Drink Glasses (loews) By the case Approx. 48 in each Case, 2 times bid
25.Assorted Coffee Airpots Set of 3, 1 lot
26.Coffee Airpots Black Set of 4, 4 times bid
27.Disposable Cup Dispensers Set of 2, 1 lot
28.Newco Pour Over Single Pot Coffee Brewer With Warming Station Model ak-2 120 v Tested
29.Bunn Large Capacity Coffee Brewer With Dispenser Model Single-tf-dbc 120/240 volt 1 ph Missing Cord 12"x21"x36"
30.VitaMix Commercial Food Preparing Machine Model vmo126 120 volt Missing Blender Cup 15"x18"x28" Turns ON Says Ready Cup Motor Turns
31.KAN-PAK Refrigerated Cream Dispenser Makes an awesome mini fridge!!Model cdg-211 120 volt 12"x23"x26" Needs Service
32.Bunn 5 Flavor Cappuccino Machine 120 volt Model Fmd-5 18"x23"x29" Turns On Motors Turn Dispenses Water
33."EMPLOYEES MUST WASH HANDS" Wall Mount Signs Never Used Set of 2, 2 times bid
34.Wall Mount Lighted Display Box 24"x12"x24" Cigars and such?
35.Assorted Art Decor 3 pcs, 1 lot
36.Assorted Artwork 2 pcs, 1 lot
37.Single Art Picture "Acropolis, Athens Greece"
38.Assorted Artwork 2 Pcs, 1 lot
39.Husky Vertal-Zontal Air Compressor Model wl650702aj 120v Compressor Turns On Doesn't Hold Air Very Nice Looking Condition
40.Large Wall Clock 33"x33"x2"
41.Decorative Stands Set of 2, 2 times bid 40" 36"
42.New Tomato Slicer In Box 3/8 Slice
43.Non Slip Floor Mat Thin 60"x36"
44.Non Slip Floor Mat Thick 60"x36"
45.Cooler Mounted Keg Dispenser Station 5 Taps
46.SS Plate Overshelf/Storage Shelf Still Wrapped Never Used 60"x12"x2"
47.Small SS Wallmount Overshelf/Storage Shelf 30"x9"x7"
48.Marshall Air Systems 4 Bulb Overhead Heating Lamp 120v
49.Wall Mount Utensil/Pot Holder Rack 2 total, 1 lot
50.Green Waiting Area Seating Bench 66"x19"x20"
51.Nice Restaurant Tables 42"x30"x30" Set of 4, 4 times bid Booth Not Included
52.Nice Burgundy Rest Wall Booths 84"x24"x48" Set of 2, 2 times bid Tables Not Included
53.Alto Shaam 1/2 Cook and Hold 1 Door Model 208v 1 ph25.5"x30"x34" Tested
54.Sunfire Single Gas Convection Oven With Legs Model sdg-1 Nat gas 115v 40"x40"x61" Tested Fires Up Fan Motor Turns Doors Tough To Open
55.Elite 40Lb Fryer Model efs-40 Nat Gas Tested 16"x31"x45"
56.SS Fryer Splash Shield 31"x18"
57.Filtercorp Oil Filtration Machine 120v Motor Buzzes Needs New Switch 17"x29"x28"
58.Frymaster/Dean Filter Magic Individually Wrapped Filter Powder Whole Case 1 lot
59.Duke 4 Hole Countertop Steam Table With Table Model e304-m 208v 1 ph Tested Burners Heat Up Table Needs New Casters 60"x31"x38"
60.Imperial 36" Charbroiler Nat Gas Tested Needs Pilots 36"x32"x17"
61.Vulcan 48" Thermostat Controlled Griddle Nat Gas 120v Tested 48"x31"x20"
62.Captive Air Hood With Control Box Model 3624 nd-2 67"x25"x36"
63.Silver King 4 Drawer Refrigerated Chef Base 120v 84"x32"x27" Tested 39 Degrees 1 hr
64.Nice Larosa Refrigerated 3 Door Prep Table 120v 95"x33"x44" Needs Service
65.Frigidaire 1 Door Freezer Model lffh21f7hwj 120v 32"x31"x71" Needs Service
66.Very Nice True Glass 2 Door Freezer Model gdm49-f 115/208/230v 1ph 54"x30"x79" Needs Service
67.Awesome Working Manitowoc 1100lb Ice Machine Model sy1074c With Remote Condenser And Bin 49"x34"x78"Bin Door Needs Work Tested 24hr Run Buyer Responsible For Disconnection and Removal.
68.Very Nice Traulsen Roll In Sheet Pan Refrigerator With Awesome condition Sheet Pan Rack Included Model Ari132lrw-fhs 120v 36"x35"x84" Needs Service
69.Nice Beverage Air Glass 1 Door Refrigerator Model mt-21 115v 28"x30"x78" Needs Service
70.True Glass 1 Door Refrigerator Model gdm-26 115v 30"x31"x79" Needs Service
71.Nice Heavy Duty Bartop Can Be Easily Repurposed 105"x100"x3"
72.Nice Heavy Duty Bartop Can Be Easily Repurposed 115"x112"x3"
73.Very Nice True Slide Top Cooler 1 Door Model t-24-gc 115v 25"x27"x34" Needs Service
74.Nice True 2 Tower Keg Cooler Model tdd-2 115v 59"x27"x37" Needs Service
75.Wall Mount Bottle Opener/Cap Holder 6"x19"x2"